Low light and moody image of Angel Betancourt sitting in a leather chair with a dark background
Low light and moody image of Angel Betancourt sitting in a leather chair with a dark background

Angel D. Betancourt

"Remember, on our worst day in America, it is still worth defending".

Angel Betancourt is a seasoned attorney based in Richland, Washington, offering a unique combination of legal skills shaped by his military experience. Raised in Yakima, Washington, Angel's career trajectory was shaped significantly by his time in the United States Air Force.

After attending Central Washington University and Spokane Falls Community College, Angel embarked on an unexpected journey when he joined the military in 2005. Serving as a Tactical Air Control Specialist (TACP), he played a crucial role in a two-person team working with the Army-82nd Airborne, directing close air support firepower toward enemy targets. He deployed to Iraq in 2007.  His diverse training includes the Army Airborne School and the USAF Survival School during winter, the latter teaching him he won't actually survive during winter.

It was during this pivotal time in the military that Angel found his true calling. This personal and professional revelation led him to pursue a career in law. He applied the discipline and resilience from his military service to his legal studies, earning a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice, followed by a law degree from the University of Idaho, an institution that gave him a "second chance" following a challenging transition from the military that included a one night stay in a 5-star jail (meals included).

Angel's legal practice is as diverse as it is driven by a deep sense of justice. In his criminal law practice, he firmly believes everyone deserves a second chance, and a single mistake should not define one's life. As a family law practitioner, his first question is always about the possibility of keeping the family together. Additionally, he works on restraining orders, understanding that love- can sometimes be just as complicated as a military operation.  His service extends beyond the courtroom. Angel has been a board member for the Columbia Basin Veterans Center and Career Path Services and served as a Trustee for the Benton and Franklin County Bar Association in 2021.He often mentors young individuals eager to advance their education, embodying his conviction that as long as you're breathing, the battle isn't over. Outside the professional sphere, Angel cherishes simple pleasures like a good happy hour with friends, smoking meat, and above all, spending time with his daughter, Collins, who remains the light of his life.

Notable awards

Two Army Commendation medals, one Air Force Commendation Medal, and the Air Force Combat Action Medal.

Volunteer Work:


  • adjunct professor
  • trading stock
  • learning to smoke meat
  • attempting to train my chocolate lab (Henry) and Jack Russel Terrier/Chihuahua mix (Bruce)