Branden D. Landon

My name is Branden Landon. I was born in Riverside, California. Over the course of my life I have served in many different fields, including working with the Sheriff’s Office as a young explorer, as a firefighter EMT with Madera County Fire and Pend Oreille County Fire, and as a paramedic with Sierra and American Ambulance companies. My father always believed in a life of public service, and so do I.

I came to the legal profession to continue to serve the people. As a former Rule 9 at the Spokane County Public Defender’s Office, and after a year spent as a full-time prosecutor at the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office, I am committed towards working toward the best interests of my clients and bringing a sense of justice and equity to their cases. My perspective as a former prosecutor and public defender offer a unique lens for processing and understanding the simple factors that make people move in courtroom scenarios. I also work and have completed legal services in wills, estates, family, and civil practice.

In my personal life, I am an avid guitar player, and racing enthusiast. Racing is a passion of mine, as well as cars and working on my and my friend’s vehicles. More than anything, I love my friends and family. Working closely with them, we can shine light on what’s important in life, and endeavor towards a better and more just world.

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