Hayden J. Sebald

My name is Hayden J Sebald. I grew up in central Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis. My childhood was modest I am the first of three children from a single parent household and was often responsible for helping my mother maintain order in the home. In my youth my love was for athletic competition, I was a varsity athlete who played football, wrestled, was a captain of the Track and Field team, and competed in weightlifting competitions. In hindsight participating in these events taught me leadership skills that I still use to this day. After leaving high school I attended the University of Minnesota attaining a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics while minoring in History.

Following my graduation from the U of M, I picked up everything and moved out to Spokane, Washington to attend Gonzaga University School of law. During law school I worked in the library under the head library professor and Legal Librarian Patrick Charles. This allowed me to pick up various strategies related to effective legal research this helped when studying for class as well as competing in various law school competitions. My work in the library helped to refine my legal passions as well, the research I did enabled me to enter into the field with a strong understanding of legal concepts in both Criminal and Civil litigation. Negotiations was another aspect of the legal field that I enjoy. Finding common ground between parties in order to resolve an issue in a way that is amicable is something that has always come easy to me. My hobbies include spending time out on the lake swimming, kayaking and boating. In the winter you could most likely find me skiing or taking in a hockey game with friends.

In 2020 I graduated from Gonzaga Law during the middle of a global pandemic. WILD I know, the moment I’m set to enter the world after 20 years of schooling and the world is flipped on its head. No better time to get started I say.

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